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Farmari 2010 at Mikkeli
During the week-end of the 31.07 and the 1.08 I went with Annika and Riitta to a big agricultural exhibition : Farmari wich took place in Mikkeli.

We have seen a lot of animals : sheeps, horses, cows, piglets...
The littlest horse of the world were present : Fabala.
We have also seen the most famous bull in all finland : Orkko wich is a ayrshire bull
and also Turbo which is a holstein bull.

                      Orkko : the best and the most famous bull on Finland

                                                    Turbo : A holstein bull

We have seen a show with some girls who do acrobatics on the back of a horse. It was impressive.

                                                       The acrobatic girl

We have admire the military equipment and the forestry engine.

                                  An impressive engine to cut the trees

We have also watched a guy who sculp amimals in wood with a chainsow and a man who juggle whith a chainsow.

                                                               The sculptor

New spreader
I went with Annika to see the new manure preader in action.
It doesn't spry the manure but incorporate it in the soil.
There is less pollution and less waste.
Its name is SAMSON.

                                                      The spreader

                                          The marks let by the disks
Jamboree-Kilke 2010
From the 28.7 until the 5.8, a big event was taking place in the natural park of Evo.
It was the international annual scout meeting : Jamboree.

As Johanna is a former scout and I am a part of the Eclaireuses Eclaireurs de France (EEDF), an association which elongs to the scoutism,
we went there for one day to see the how is such event.

More pictures in the photo album

Wild oat
Apparently, wild oat is a big issue in Finnish agriculture. It is present in a lot of fields, especially if those are badly treat, and is in competition with the crop.
The result is a weak crop and a lower yield.

That's why we went to Leppa on wednesday 28 of July to go to the ''wild oat-hunting''.
With Marco,Vesa,Topias,Marja,Annika and Johanna, we spent the day in the rape fields to see if they were infest by this plant.

fortunately for the crop and for us we didn't see a weed.

                        Walking in a rape field looking for the wild oat

                            Johanna and Marja searching for the weed.

Visit of the cow house
On Thursday, a group of eight people came to  visit the cow house.
So Riitta and Annika take them there and I came with them to see the place that I haven't seen yet and to take some pictures.

                               The group with Marco, Annika and Riitta

The cows, in front of the picture a east finncattle (white and red cow) and then some holsteins (white and black cow)

                                                         The milking room
Grass day
On the occasion of Village House fair in Tammela, A day was devoted to ' the grass ':
So, on wednesday it was 'grass day' in Mustiala.
A lot of people came to see some huge machines.
In the morning, we have assisted at some demonstrations of those amazing engines.
In the afternoon, there was some lectures about the machines,made by the representents of the companies.

The tent where the snack and the lunch was served.
The mowing machine 'KRONE'

The packer 'KUHN' and the machine which pick up the hay ball with its articulate arm.

One lecture

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Lake day
On the occasion of a special week in Tammela : Village house fair, on sunday, it was Lake day in Mustiala.
With Johanna, Marja, Oskari, we have measured the speed of the water, the depth in the lake and had given some informations about the Mustiala's lake.

                       Johanna, Marja and Oskari preparing the informations

                            Marja and Johanna waiting for the people

         Johanna, Marja and Oskari measuring the depth of the lake : 70 cm

                    Johanna and Marja measuring the speed of the water

The new face of the stables
 Because of the bad weather : too warm, rain ... ,and other things that we had to do, we finished the painting of the stables only today.
It looks very good.

                                          The stables before have been painted

                                    The stables after have been painted

New project : inventory of Mustiala's trees
Now that we have finished the painting of the stables we have a new  "mission".
We have to make a census of all the trees of Mustiala.
With the help of maps of Mustiala, wich are from 2002, where all the trees are placed and named; we have to updated them in adding the trees which have been planted and taking off the ones which had been cut down.
We also have to take pictures of the green areas.

                                    Eelis and Annika looking at the map

                                                          Eelis and Annika

                                                   Picture of a white dogwood

                                            Leaves of a chestnut tree

                                              A beautiful willow tree
We also see some strage things.
Here, on a leaf there are some little outgrowths due to a mite.
It's called the galls of hardwoods.

                                 Outgrowths on a leaf

Agricultural exhibition in Oripäa
 On tuesday, we went to the agricultural exhibition in Oripäa : OKRA.
Almost all the office team  were there : Menna, Johanna, Saana, Marja, Annika, Oskari, Eelis and I. (Sorry if there are some mistakes in the names).
We left Forssa at 8h00 in the morning in the minibus to arrive there around 9h00.

              Julia, Eelis, Annika, Marja, Oskari, Johanna and Saana at OKRA

There were a lot of exponents who sold food, toys, bags, clothes....
and of course some agricultural stuffs like animals food, equipement for the farms ...
We have seen some strange animals like the Alpakka which look like a big teddy bear.

                                                              The Alpakka

                                                            Scottish bull

And also some pigs, cows, horses, sheeps and the biggest bull in the world I have ever seen : 

                                                                      The biggest bull

There were also a lot of machineries like tractors, sprays, cover crops ....
In a part of the exhibition, there were some old fashion tools and houses.

                                                         An old machine

                                                      Some old tractors

                                                                   The smith

Painting the stables
 Now that the stables are cleaned, we can beggin the painting. Colour : yellow

        Annika and Marja painting the stables

         The first wall is finished

Brushing the stables
 We have plan to paint the Mustiala's stable. 
So before that be have to brush the walls to take away all the dust, the former paint, spider's web, piece of wood and other stuffs like that.
So with Marja, Johanna, Annika and Oskari we tackle this task.

       The stables after have been brushed 

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