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Aulanko park
There are some foreign students who just arrived at the beginning of the week.
They are doing an ERASMUS exchange in horticulture or landscape designing in the HAMK Unit of Lepaa.
I went with them and Mona to discover the Aulanko park.
It is a natural reserve near by Hämeenliina.
We have seen the tower, the sawn lake, the temple...
Then we have a look at the hotel of Aulanko and the garden nearby the lake.
We have also seen the sport centre and the place for the winter swimming.

We went to unit at the university of HAMK in Hämeenlinna on the campus of Visamaki.
After lunch we assisted at a little presentation of the Finland and HAMK.
And to finish we had some free time in Hämeenlinna to have a look around and see the castel.

                                                 The tower built in 1906

                                                  The temple

Iron bar championship-Mustiala
On saturday, from 17 o'clock to 1 in the morning was taking place the championship of Iron bar in Mustiala.
It is also a good occasion to have fun.

Since the 17.8 the first year students are following some modules about the machinery, the forestery, the farming, the cow house ...
I am following some of this module with them.
On the afternoon of the 18.8 we went to Elonkierto. It is an agricultural exhibition park.
There we can see a lot of different species of plants like different wheat, oats, barley, rye ...
There are also some demonstration about the impact of the pH of the soil on the crop ...
There are different animals like finnish cows, goats, sheeps and pigs.
There are also some very old machine wich are exposed.

The entrance of the park : at the left some medicinal plants and at the right some hops

The toilet shows the quantity of nitrogen the human give back in the nature

                                       The sheeps of the park

On the week-end of the 7 and 8 of August was a big event in Mustiala.
It was Hakkapeliita.
Hakkapeliita is a traditional market where preople, dressed in middle ages fashion, sell some handmade objects, jewel, baskets, game for kids ...
They also do some demonstration like the making of rope or ironworks.
There is also big amount of food like karelian pie, rye bread, fish and spit-roast pig.

                             The lions club of Tammela

         A woman dressed like in the middle ages

                                     A clothes shop

Horse exhibition in Tammela
I went with Annika to the riding school of Tammela on Thursday.
There was a kind of exhibition and a competition which reward the best horses.
After a little look at the place, we have seen the first horses and their owner.
First they have to do one round to march and another one in trot.
We have then seen the poney.

                                             The presentation of the horse

                                                              The poney

After that the riders have to do some exercices with their horse : walk, trot, gallop ...
and then it was the time for the rewards.

                                                         The reward

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