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Last day
Today is the last day of my practice in Mustiala.
I am leaving tomorrow for Helsinki and monday for France and Toulouse.

I would like to thank everybody for their welcome, I have spent a really nice summer here in Mustiala and in Finland.

I thank Menna, Riitta, Annika, Marja, Johanna, Oskari to have brought me every where.
And also Juha, Jouko and Ari to give me their time to help me for my report.

I hope I will come back one day in this beautiful place.
Finn Forest visit
On wednesday, I went with Juha Kaskinen To visit the sawmill Finn Forest in Renko.
We man has presented us the plant and then we went inside to see all the machines and how a log is turned into a wood board.
it was a really interesting visit.

The power plant and the chips  of wood                                The logs

The machine which cut the wood


       The packaging

                                                                             The stockage


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French lesson
Riitta's daughter is studying french at the school of Tammela in the ninth class.
 I went there during the morning to do an intervention in french, of course, for them to see what is a real french in spite of my south accent.

During the first hour I have speek about myself, from where I come, what I study ... and I have done a presentation of France then I ask them to present themself to see how they speak.
And during the second hour we have spoken about horoscope and the astrological signs because the students were learning the future.

It was a nice morning, even if the students don't have a high level to keep a conversation on, we can still speak together.
French and Finnish are two very different languages and it is difficult to learn in the both direction.

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